I have had multiple reads and spiritual counseling from Eleni for the last couple of years. It has been an essential tool in my life. She has help guided me through some very difficult times as well as inspired me through decisions I have made to change my life for the highest. Her abilities are outstanding. Her insight has only helped me do what’s best for my highest good. With her guidance I have looked deeper into what my purpose in life is.
— Shawn Warren
I have been consulting many psychics in Brazil and the US during my life journey. Eleni is one of the most clairvoyant one that I have ever met. Her reading is accurate and full of very good guidance.
— Denise
Talk about a gifted woman! Break out your pen and note pad because you’re going to want to write down everything this psychic medium has to say. Eleni Marinos is an excellent psychic medium! I must admit, this was my first time receiving a psychic reading and I’ve always shied about from it because I’ve been afraid of being misled or given general information, but in my experience with Eleni she was really seeing into my karmic pattern, not someone else’s. I genuinely appreciate the effortlessness of her psychic abilities. During my reading, Eleni was truly tapped into Source energy and rapidly shared her insights without hesitation. The seamlessness in what she was seeing and how she communicated it to me was very reassuring. Within one week from my reading with Eleni five very distinctly synchronistic events took place that she predicted would come into the picture. One event in particular was a connection with a woman living in another state that I had only met once. I hadn’t been able to find her number for months and then within a week of my reading with Eleni, miraculously a text message conversation I had with the woman a year ago popped up on my cell phone. I was really stunned because I couldn’t even remember the woman’s name, but there it was—boom! It just popped up out of nowhere. I know in my heart that the manifestation I witnessed and the synchronicity of it all was because of the reading I had with Eleni.

Another awesome manifestation that occurred involved my career. Eleni encouraged me to revisit Los Angeles to revive my musical career and to also start my daughters modeling career. Within one week of Eleni’s reading I found a new guitarist to work with who was already scheduled to perform at a music industry showcase hosted by Warner Records and asked me to perform with him. To me, that’s pretty amazing!

The value of a psychic reading in my opinion is to give recipient a heads up of what is to come so that when opportunity knocks we have the chance to jump on it instead of dismissing the connections that come into our lives.

I find Eleni’s insights to be valuable hope giving and accurate. I highly recommend her as an intuitive and will definitely be booking her for another reading! Thank you, Eleni!
— Juno Brown; Singer-Songwriter
I had more connection and insight in one phone reading with Eleni than in years of counseling! There were a couple situations in my life that I am now able to see very differently ~ So glad I put myself out there for this and very grateful to her for her openness and personable demeanor!
— Sandra Erickson
I first reached out to Eleni when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. It was a time when I felt completely lost, full of sadness, and no where to turn for answers. I first reached out hoping to get those answers. She gave me so much more than that. She took me through a process that really helped me uncover what I really needed to be focused on and the direction I needed to go. She helped reassure me that things would work out but that I really needed to look within myself for what was truly missing, what I needed and helped me with how to start that process.

Fast forward a year later, everything she shared with me came to light and I have really worked through that tough time. But now I was feeling lost again in another area of my life. I felt as though I had lost or never even found my true path in life. My focus was on professional and financial goals. Eleni sat down with me and immediately picked up on what I was going through. However, she helped me realize that what I was going through really had nothing to do with financial and professional goals. I had completely forgotten about me! Eleni really helped me uncover something that will be eternally valuable to me in my life and on my spiritual journey. She helped me identify what I was/am really struggling with and my true path to finding my way back to self-love and happiness.

Eleni is a beautiful person, an inspiration, a light in the darkness, and I will forever be grateful for what she has helped me uncover. I met her as a psychic but she will forever be so much more to me than that.

Thank you Eleni for sharing your light and love!
— Myra Rossman