At the risk of sounding overzealous, Eleni has completely transformed my world. She came into my life when I was at one of the lowest and most vulnerable states of being, battling some unknown and scary health issues and feeling entirely powerless. Once we moved through the physical healing and i was feeling better, we went on to work on my personal and romantic relationships - of which were also suffering. I had been single and almost celibate for over four years and lacked the understanding of what my new and transformed self really wanted and needed. I had tried therapy and many other wellness and self-healing practices, but they were not supporting me. With Eleni’s guidance and support, I was able to entirely transform my outlook and began my journey to spiritual healing and awakening. Eleni’s work goes beyond tapping into the unknown. Her approach is holistic, as she truly gets to know you, your spirit, your self, and your soul. I’ve been working with Eleni for over a year and we talk just about every week - my weeks without her are tough!

It’s amazing how each time we connect I learn something new and uncover yet another layer of myself again and again. I love being on my spiritual journey with Eleni and truly cannot imagine my life before her.
— Erika E. July 26, 2018
I’ve been working with Eleni for over a year now, we were chatting every week for the first 9 months and recently have moved to every other. She’s a vital part of my team. Through working with her, I’ve learned to be a better listener to the universe and I love checking in with her because she confirms what I already thought as well as give me new insight and guidance on how to translate my feelings. She’s highly intuitive and spiritual and the downloads she can receive is a true gift. She’s my spiritual coach who is helping me live my best life. Also I love her like a sister because I felt an instant connection. She has a loving and powerful presence and I am so lucky to know her.
— Susanna T. July 17, 2018
I have been working with Eleni for a couple of years now and am continually impressed with the accuracy of her readings. She has an uncanny ability to understand the situation at hand and provides guidances based on what she sees coupled with the right amount of compassion. Eleni has a unique way of reading and I like that she has developed her own practice based off of her personal gifts. My readings reach new levels of depth as I work with her more and have found her guidance to be the most useful and applicable once I began talking to her on a reoccurring basis. I’ve referred countless friends and family to Eleni and will continue to do so.
— Sarween S. July 15, 2018
I had a reading with Eleni in May 2016. She is kind, easy going and professional. Her reading was very accurate and I was very satisfied and pleased with my experience. This was my first time going to a Psychic Medium and I am convinced that she has the Gift.
— Sandy W. January 26, 2018
I have had multiple reads and spiritual counseling from Eleni for the last couple of years. It has been an essential tool in my life. She has help guided me through some very difficult times as well as inspired me through decisions I have made to change my life for the highest. Her abilities are outstanding. Her insight has only helped me do what’s best for my highest good. With her guidance I have looked deeper into what my purpose in life is.
— Shawn W
I have been consulting many psychics in Brazil and the US during my life journey. Eleni is one of the most clairvoyant one that I have ever met. Her reading is accurate and full of very good guidance.
— Denise
I had more connection and insight in one phone reading with Eleni than in years of counseling! There were a couple situations in my life that I am now able to see very differently ~ So glad I put myself out there for this and very grateful to her for her openness and personable demeanor!
— Sandra E.
I first reached out to Eleni when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. It was a time when I felt completely lost, full of sadness, and no where to turn for answers. I first reached out hoping to get those answers. She gave me so much more than that. She took me through a process that really helped me uncover what I really needed to be focused on and the direction I needed to go. She helped reassure me that things would work out but that I really needed to look within myself for what was truly missing, what I needed and helped me with how to start that process.

Fast forward a year later, everything she shared with me came to light and I have really worked through that tough time. But now I was feeling lost again in another area of my life. I felt as though I had lost or never even found my true path in life. My focus was on professional and financial goals. Eleni sat down with me and immediately picked up on what I was going through. However, she helped me realize that what I was going through really had nothing to do with financial and professional goals. I had completely forgotten about me! Eleni really helped me uncover something that will be eternally valuable to me in my life and on my spiritual journey. She helped me identify what I was/am really struggling with and my true path to finding my way back to self-love and happiness.

Eleni is a beautiful person, an inspiration, a light in the darkness, and I will forever be grateful for what she has helped me uncover. I met her as a psychic but she will forever be so much more to me than that.

Thank you Eleni for sharing your light and love!
— Myra R.