LIONS GATE 11:11 Portal, Partial Solar Eclipse 8/11/18, Forecast and Numerology Horoscope:


The numerological break down of this eclipse: 8/11/2018,

8+11+2018= 8,11,11 (2018=2+0+1+8=11)

The final numbers: 8/11:11 The 8 coupled with the two master numbers 11:11 (master numbers do not get broken down).

The 8, represents being grounded, a positive outcome, the fruits of your labor coming to fruition, longevity, health, happy endings, body & mind balance, infinity, intentions, and spirituality.

It is also the 8th month of the year which is Leo Season! Wonderful for relationships, partnerships, completion of projects and finalizing or sealing the deal! 

The 11:11, represents alignment, intention setting, integrity, clarity, ripened karma and manifestations at full speed. Trusting in the process, and staying on the path. Divine energies supporting what is meant for the highest good and clearing pathways for what's meant to be revealed to come to the surface. 

Altogether these numbers represent: Abundance, Balance, Fire, Love, Communication, Completion, Receiving, Accelerated Speeds, Perceptions, Final Stretch, Intentions, Alignment and Growth. 

New Moon Forecast

Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo (3rd and final of the year):

Being a New Moon and partial solar eclipse on the 11th of August 2018, harnessing the Lions Gate, right in Leo season. It doesn't get any more fierce than this.  An extremely powerful time for manifesting at rapid speeds and ripening karma at an elevated rate. 

Trust that with this energy of the new moon combined with the Solar Eclipse, you are getting your final chance of the year, to project and aim ahead for what's in your 'highest good'.

Wherever we have been feeling too comfortable or leaning into 'fall back' mode, will swiftly be removed- right out from under our feet. 

We are offered the chance to step it up a notch. If we meet the opportunity square in the face, it will lift us up to higher levels.

Don't miss this chance to cut the chords needed to grow, this opportunity is the final eclipse of the year and one of the most potent for cord cutting.

Let's not forget it's a New Moon, and whatever comes with the new energies also has a balance of 'letting go' simultaneously.

It's all about finding the balance and keeping steady at what is most grounding at this time. 

A balance between letting go of the energies that don't serve us any longer, while still remaining in a space of Abundance and Gratitude- by continuing to keep the gaze on what lies ahead and projecting our best foot forward.

Trusting the process as we move through this intensity, we must look at everything in the bigger picture. Everything we are doing now is setting the ground base for what lies ahead. Like planting the final seeds of the year for the Abundant Harvest ahead. 

The partial eclipse reminds us, that only our perceptions are what create our reality. Beyond our own point of view, is the full circle. That only ourselves can stand in our own way from being able to see fully.

We can't always see what lies beyond the other side, but with this energy moving in, we learn the only way forward is to Trust in the Process, keeping our heads down and continuing to watch our feet. 

With the fire that is being offered here, it is a vehicle to stand in our power, no matter how hard the carpet is pulled out from under us. 

You still must hold strong to your true selves and core values, regardless of what distractions or disarray is going on around you- now is the time to trust more in yourself and allow yourself to receive the support you need. 

The fire energy uplifts us to higher states, allowing the strength needed to accomplish and collaborate more with others- Bringing confidence, balance, and flexibility. 

The ability to see beyond the surface is to see the other side. To remember the big picture behind the illusions of what we are facing now. 

To know that every step of the way, is adding up to remembering our full selves- if only we fully commit ourselves and look beyond the surface of the identity we so comfortably hold on to. 

This is a time of searching and stepping into the unknown, bravely or not- go for it anyway! 
Don't hold back, the jump is yours to take- the greater the risk, the greater the results.

What we are currently giving out now, will seal the deal for what's to come back around in full circle, even if we cant see what lies ahead. 

Leo also represents Love and Romance combined with the master number 11 and the New Moon partial eclipse- it doesn't get more magical and mystical than this for our most personal and intimate desires. 

Watch your thoughts, your speech, and your actions now more than ever. For it paves the way ahead like a magic wand out into the universe in all matters of personal development, intimacy, energy levels, progress in career, long-term goals and projects. 

Confidence is the key, and remember to trust in the vulnerability you might be feeling at this time. Know that it's opening up to aligning you stronger with your "true self" and bringing to surface whats necessary for Growth. Allowing you to step into the fullness of all of who you are, manifesting the abundance and happiness that you deserve! 

Be open now more than ever to Receiving the gifts the universe has to offer you, while simultaneously stepping into your power and bravely sharing the gift of your 'authentic self' with the world! 

Know that you are more than enough, just as you are and that you have all that you need to move forward to what's in alignment with your "Highest Good". 

Shine bright superstars! The world is yours - Dream big and enjoy the ride. 

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