Breathing is Being

"Going Deeper Within"

The Journey is always In-ward. Until we start In-ternalizing, we will always keep Projecting or reflecting. When we internalize, we are not projecting we are actually transcending and the reflections we experience, begin to become our imprint onto the world, rather than what we become imprinted by. 

Similar to the way we Breathe in, we take in-ward. As we in-hale the breath of life, in-towards our Be-Ing. Only when we can grasp that our own body and its most natural functions are the same rythym that our entire lives are beating to. Like the heart beat pulses, the breath is the heart beat of our Life Force Energy and the Universe as a whole.

When we Consciously Breathe-In, we are taking Into ourselves, our perceived current reality experience. As we Breathe-In, we Breathe-Into ourselves our most current present experience in every single moment. But with the infusion of our conscious Be-ing, we direct our inner energy out towards the Universe like a magic wand taking part in the conscious make-up of our existence. This is how we enact the belief of not just becoming a bystandard of your past experineces or a product of what has “happened to you”, but a fully present, Conscious Being who is aware of how to use their True Nature and the basics of your very own Life Force Energy. 

The most powerful gift we have in this life, on the most basic level- is our Breath. The Breath is the magic tool to everything. It is the answer to LIfe and the only way our life is manifested is through our very own Breath. Just think of the Breath of Life, that you hold that spar of creation in you and that is how you created yourself into Be-ing. With every breath you take you are still creating, existing and living. Without your breath you can not even Be. Therefore “Breathing is Being” and being is breathing.  

To become aware and to realize that you hold within you the power of pure existence, the power of life itself. The Creation of Be-ing, is your very make-up. Accessing that power in its most highest form, is an internalization of your own experience through your breath. To begin to work with the energy directly, we begin by using our breath as a tool towards our own Enlightenment. 

As you Breath-In, you are exercising the act of Acceptance within yourself. As you Breathe-out, you are Sending back out. Not the other way around, where we think we take in what we want to keep and breath out what we want to let go of. When we breathe out we are actually sending outward our inner consciousness into the Universe as a part of its creation and manifestation. That is why we want to Breathe-In what we are currently most in Resistance to, and breathe out our inner light, out towards the Universe. When we Breathe-In the Darkness, we recycle that energy and then breathe out our light. Which is a never ending cycle. But if we aren’t willing to Breathe in the “Dark” energy within and around us, than we cant get through that to the clarity on the other side where all we have is our own true light reflecting in and around us.

The way that energy works is identical to the law of Gravity. What we send out, comes back. Consequently the idea of Breathing 'In-ward' the energy of what we are most currently “Resisting” in our life, is what we want to take in-not the other way around. 

When we take in the energy of what we are consciously in Resistance to, we are in the act of Internalizing it. Which is exactly what we do when we Breathe anyway. We take air into ourselves, and we can not survive without Oxygen. 

The Oxygen to our Consciousness is the ability to Breathe 'In-ward', what we are currently facing. Mostly through focussing on the deepest form of suffering we believe ourselves to be experiencing at the time. That is where we access our strongest gifts. 

We must clear through the Resistance first, to get to the smooth waters ahead. When we try to block or to shield ourselves from that which we are in resistance to, we are actually sending that back out-ward from ourselves which eventually will keep bouncing back in to you like the gravity effect mentioned above. Yet, when we breathe it in, it Transforms through ourselves. This is a form of Trancendence. Such a deep concept yet taking place within your very own breath.

Our natural make-up knows instinctively how to Transform energy and transcend it to its natural state. The only way to allow ourselves to do this, is by BREATHING IT ALL IN first, and then taking long slow blow/Breathes outwards.

We naturally transform the energy by sending it to our very own LIfe Force Energy which is only accessed through our Breath and down into our core. Because our Breath is the mere existence of our Alive Be-ing. And your core, gut or Solar Pexus are where that life force energy resides.

What we send out thereafter; as we exhale outward into the Universe, is like the clear water that is pored through the water filter. Our Breathing is our natural filter. It cleans all the energy within us that we Accept inward. And as we breathe it out, it is being Transformed through our own LIfe Force Existance. 

When our True Nature is revealed beneath it all and we continue to filter out everything that layers up on top of it, through our Breathing. Than we are finally beginning the journey of living in our Authentic Selves and “Going Deeper Withtin”

The Authentic Self or your True Nature, lays within the experience unconvered and fully delivered. Imagine then; as gravity always finds its way back to us, what you will begin to accept or attract back in-towards yourself will be in your life.

The act of Accepting and Receiving will consist of your relationship with the Universe. As a call and response you will enter this relationship by taking in, and naturally sending back out. It is inevitable that we do that anyway while we are breathing in Oxygen and Breathing back out Co2. We breathe in what is 'out there' and breathe out what is Truly 'In-there', within ourselves and receive back an even greater expression of what our lives can be. 

Your energy will expand so far; that as you keep bringing it all back in, it will expand in full form- touching the infinite expansion of the Universe and all it energetically vibrates. As you merge in your vibration to that expansion, you internally unveil that which what you are already made of.