Eleni is a highly intuitive energy light- worker, psychic reader and medium, as well as a Reiki Master for over 10 years. Eleni’s readings and soul sessions include, channeling, mediumship, spiritual counseling and energy healing. Her work helps guide others in manifesting miracles in life situations, inviting positive changes and clearing negative blockages to help support powerful shifts in your life!

She spent many years studying ancient energy healing techniques and prophetic channeling in her native country Greece. Eleni is actively involved in Vedic Bakti Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism as spiritual practices as well as many types of her own original methods. While living in Greece she journeyed in seclusion for long periods of time to live in the mountains of her forefathers as she studied her innate abilities and started practicing her spiritual work where she formed her own unique channeled style of card reading using a regular deck of playing cards in which she calls her Original Oracle Card Reading. This is just one of her created modalities in which she uses but over all there is an all encompassing healing energy that Eleni channels in the essence of all the work that she does. Eleni was raised in the Greek Orthodox christian church, but has become a spiritualist in the belief that we are all One and likes to spread awareness of the One Mind. Eleni believes that every individual is uniquely special and gifted, whom are all capable of the same ultimate love and true nature within themselves no matter what their background heritage or beliefs are.

For many years Eleni worked as a Behavioral Therapist for children of special needs and individuals with relational disorders until her career took a more intuitive and creative turn focussing more on her spiritual work. Being a mother of 3 and having had a near death experience helped lead her to strengthen the need to pursue her overall life calling. Eleni’s compassion goes beyond the psychic or spiritual realms and is realistically implemented in her day to day life. Her passion is in reaching as many individuals possible under any circumstances or life situations, in pursuit of promoting deep healing on a soul level and spreading love and compassion with no discriminations.

As a family woman and someone who’s strongly dedicated to living lifes purpose in service of others, Eleni is a true spiritual warrior living to spread her light and love in the world today through many different modalities of healing. With her great experience in the field of psychology as a Behavioral Therapist as well as a Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Medium, there is much to learn and gain from sessions with Eleni. Either through her spiritual guidance teachings, individual and group readings, or healing sessions; there is great opportunity for growth in awakening to your true nature and living compassionately in a realistic day to day way under any life circumstances.  Manifesting miracles is also a specialty in working with her and learning to create the life you love and love the life you live presently. Soul retrieval is an important focus in going deep into the core of individuals reclaiming their true nature and bringing forth their higher calling.

“Teaching and helping others to tap into their own true nature is strongly implemented in working towards ones greatest potential, individual growth and personal healing.”