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Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Readings, Medium, Clairvoyant, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices, Transformational Breathwork Techniques

About 'You are The Way'

'You are the Way' was created to assist individuals on their 'Life Path', towards their 'Highest Good', in support of continual growth and healing.

Eleni shares her gifts, while bringing clarity and compassion into all life's circumstances. Guiding you deeper into your 'Heart Space' inviting peace, positive change, transformation and healing into your life. 

Services Include: 

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Psychic Mediumship

  • Breathwork

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teachings

  • Energy and Sound Healing

  • Intuitive Counseling


Eleni is a highly intuitive Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master for over 10 years and is the Founder of ‘Breathing is Being’a Breathwork technique combined with teachings in mindfulness and meditation. Her services, both virtual and in-person, include, one-on-one sessions, group events, retreats and more. 

After being faced with Near Death experiences and trial, Eleni found that her bottom lead her to accepting her natural born gifts and ultimately to her life’s purpose. Soon after, Eleni moved to Sedona for three years where she was quickly selected to be a part of a television series about psychic mediums. After a year of test piloting, she grew to know her gifts were undeniable and that she had to share them with the world. 

Since taking her business virtual, Eleni has had a consistent and rapidly evolving client base throughout North America and her native country of Greece, where her spiritual path began. Eleni currently resides in her hometown in Maryland with her husband and three sweet children. 

"Her work helps guide in manifesting deep transformation, inviting positive changes to help support powerful shifts in your life!"

Eleni's Story

Eleni's spiritual path began while spending many years living in her native country Greece. Her personal healing path started when falling unexpectedly ill, with a life threatening bacterial Infection of unknown causes, upon her arrival in Aigio, Greece in 2006. 

She spent two months in a hospital battling a severe type of MRSA Staph Infection. The modern treatments available were not working to heal the infection. Resorting to 'old school' methods which were more 'natural', causing her to endure extreme amounts of pain over a two month long stay, until it completely healed.  

This experience powerfully shifted her state of consciousness, and strengthened her faith and belief in the power of prayer and healing through 'Divine Intervention'. It was no mistake that being in Greece during this trial, enabled her to receive these effective treatments, ultimately saving her life.  

Ancestral Land...

Following her release from the hospital, she was guided to further her healing path and spiritual journey and decided to live remotely in the mountains of her ancestors - in a small village named 'Goumenissa' located right above the main town of Aigio, Peloponneso (image shown above). In one of the highest mountain ranges of Greece, in her families village-home, passed down through the 1500's.

While connecting with her ancestral land, she learned to perfect her life long gifts, with more clarity and accuracy. Learning to go 'Deeper Within', while living in solitude and strengthening her faith in her spiritual connection. 

Living in Solitude... 

Over the course of a year, during her stay in the mountains, Eleni journeyed in seclusion for very long periods of time. Spending endless hours in deep meditation and prayer, hiking, living off the land, visiting different Orthodox Chapels in the mountains and studying various Ayurvedic and Yoga practices.

While living extremely minimally in very high elevations without hot running water, a detached outside bathroom, using only a wood burning stove for heat and very little contact with the outside world- Eleni took refuge in her spirituality undergoing a complete life transformation and Spiritual Awakening during this time.  

This was also during the time of the known Wild Fires in Greece of 2007 and a very large Earthquake that took place while she was living there alone. While having prophetic experiences of these catastrophic events prior to their occurring, she continued to witness the scope of miracles during her time in solitude and throughout her life. 

Faith and Spirituality 

Over the course of many years, Eleni has had extensive studies on the spiritual paths of The Vedas (Ayurvedic studies and various types of Yoga) and Tibetan Buddhism. While being rooted in and having come from a Greek Orthodox background, she has become an avid Mystic and believer of the Spirituality behind all paths in life. 

"My Faith is my Religion, and my Prayer is my Practice" 

'Near Death' Experience & Following 'The Path'...

After moving back to America from Greece, and starting a family in 2011. Eleni worked as a Behavioral Therapist for children of special needs and individuals with relational disorders, for a few years until her career took another turn. 

Due to yet another unexpected life altering incident, Eleni survived a 'Near Death Experience' during the birth of her second child in 2012. After going into premature labor at only 25 gestational weeks, causing an extreme loss of blood, resulting in a Hypoglycemic shock. Both her and her son survived miraculously without any further complications as she came out of the experience with full conscious recollection of having 'Crossed Over' and 'Coming Back' from the 'Other Side' with an even deeper calling on her life path.

The impact of all these experiences finally lead her to go public with her gifts, being called to Sedona Arizona, where her professional career began in 2013.

“Teaching and helping others connect more fully to their own 'Inner Guidance', is strongly implemented in working towards ones greatest potential, individual growth and personal healing.”

Eleni’s passion is in reaching individuals under any life circumstances, in pursuit of spreading our innate love and utmost compassion- with no discriminations.