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Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Readings, Medium, Clairvoyant, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices, Transformational Breathwork Techniques

You are the Way

A personal Guide through Life's Journey


Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Medium, Breathwork & Meditation Teachings, Intuitive Counseling

Finding our 'Way' through life's journeys is an extremely sacred and personal experience. Having the ability to tap into your innate wisdom and inner guidance, is a relationship that is developed throughout your entire life. 'You Are the Way' is a guide towards developing your inner dialogue with the 'Divine' connection that exists within you.


Individual Sessions


Ongoing Sessions 


'Breathing is Being'


enjoy a heart warming experience with eleni

Eleni is a Highly Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Psychic Medium & Reiki Master for over 10 yrs. After two Cross Country Tours and multi-level experiences in both her Public Teachings and Private Sessions, Eleni offers her services virtually and in-person for groups and individuals.

Whether you're seeking the guidance for a one-time session or continued support on your life Path; Eleni shares her gifts to assist in manifesting the Highest Good in your life. 



"Eleni's work helps guide in manifesting deep transformation,
inviting positive changes
to help support powerful shifts in your life!"


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