In 'Nothing'ness there is Everything and in Everything there is space for Emptiness

In Nothing'ness you can find Everything and in Everything there is a space for Emptiness. Emptiness and Nothingness can be two totally different things. Perspectives are the most trancendental and ultimate reality that we can attain in this life and use to Shift and Transform ourselves and our lives. The closest we can get to our percieved/so called Truth is only through our 'Perspective'. When you hear the tern 'Nothing', we automatically think there is a lack or void of something missing. Although the word 'Empty' can have a totally different conotation. When we say 'Empty' sometimes that promotes thoughts of 'Space', 'Openess', possibly even 'Cleanliness', or even 'Peace' from within.... Lets think about that for a moment..........

When you hold open space within yourself for 'Something' or even for 'Nothing', you are allowing there to be what simply 'Is' in that moment bringing your awareness back to inner yourself. Through this practise of allowing the 'Nothingness' to seep in without fear, you are also acknowledging and holding the space for 'Everything' and allowing 'All' possibilities to exist in that moment. And in that same moment, you are also 'Opening' up to the 'Emptiness' which exists constantly in and all around us if we are silent, still or even open enough to Recieving and Listening to this message from the Universe. Try this, in all that you do. Allow there to be a void of emotoin, thought, judgment on every perspective that you hold. Give it a minute to wait and see what may come in during this space that you hold within yourself in connecting to the 'Emptiness'. In this space is a powerful shift and secret that you meet your Connectedness with all that is, all that has been and all that will come to be in All Existance. You meet yourself in this Open space which holds timeless Love and ultimate Peace and Tranquility. You have the power to find this anywhere at any given time. In this experience you also have the ability to harness the Power of life force energy of All that Exists in All Time which is one and connected with your True Self.

In humbling yourself and bringing it down to 'Nothingness' as you Inhale and as you Exhale, you feel your connection to All that Is. Breathing it in again once more, you are the same and your space is limitless as your existance holds vast expansion into all that Is and will ever Be. You are Timeless. Breathe into these Ideas any time you feel overcome or overwhelmed with life and remember to choose to be You no matter what your external circumstances are. Also remember, to default to your 'Nothingness' perception to allow the Illusion of your current reality in your mind to fade away and melt into the 'Emptiness' as it cleanses your soul and allows you to come back to your connection to it All as you loose attachment to any judgments and current perceptions of the self at any time. It may feel scary but it is extreemely Empowering. Allow your Breath to bring you back to yourself again, while your comeing back out of the 'Openess', the 'Nothingness, and the 'Emptiness' as you have the sudden realization that you feel Overwhelmingly Abundant and full of all there is. Use this to Replenish and Rejuvinate your soul. You can do this anytime you feel a conflict or misunderstood as well as when you'd like to expand your mind to understanding more. Through the power of the perception of your mind and your breathing into 'Stilliness' without any expectations, you can truly do Anything........................   You are Everything.

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