"Love Yourself, Love the Earth, and Everything in Between"

There still lies a Heart Beat in the Earth that is stronger than its Ailments. I still have faith in Her and trust in Her strength beyond anything and everything that the Earth is facing now. There is a much bigger picture here. We must have faith and trust in our safety and where She is guiding us. We are Her children here on Mother Earth and are never forgotten. You can tap into Her any time, She will always be there for you, just listen to Her calling and respond with Trust. It is not so much that She needs us to heal Her, more so to remember that She is what Heals us. 

To listen to Her is not so much what we think with our minds that is "listening". It is not even so different than the simplicity of our breath. The Essence and the Wisdom of the Earth lies deep within all our DNA and core of our make up. We are one and the same, and the Collective Consciousness that we hold is very Aware and Awake within the spirit of Mother Earth. She hears us all and is always Listening, Responding and Guiding us. Allow Her to lead your path, to show you who you are and who you were meant to be. Feel Her when She breathes and blows Her winds, feel Her when She cries and drops rain upon you, taste Her and breathe Her in with full Trust and knowing that you are One and connected. When you look up at the sky and down bellow to the ground; She is looking right back at you, Holding you, Supporting you and especially....... Always Loving You. Love yourself, Love the Earth, and Everything in Between.    

Happy Valentines