Compassionate Healing


As Healers, Energy Workers, Therapists of all types.... we must always remember to remain Humble in Service of others. Spirituality is not about how many special Gifts and Powers you have or how popular you are but how much Compassion and Empathy you can share with others with True Intentions of Pure Service. 

So often do I see Spirituality becoming another means of an Egotistical clutch. People often Judge each other as Healers and their Spiritual Identities. One often thinks themselves to be more "real" or "higher" than the other. Ascension is becoming the new "high" and Escaping reality while all this Esoteric Spirituality has become the new level of Ego in its Ascension process from material focus towards more "spiritual" concepts. On the one hand its great how pervasive the idea of "Mindfulness" or being a "Healer" has become. Although at the same time you have so many people who call themselves these things or take pride in their mystical gifts whom on a day to day basis do not practice real Compassion and true Kindness. 

I see individuals getting frustrated in lines, impatient on the road, judgmental towards their fellow coworkers, competitive, even rude and unkind in the way they speak to other individuals who are out there claiming to be Therapists, Counselors Healers and Psychics. I believe it is more important to practice real Love and Compassion on a day to day basis with a random stranger than it is to make 160$ an hour as a proclaimed professional in the service industry trying to "Help" others. We must remember: 'We do not have to make someone Bellow us, or Weaker than us to Empower Ourselves. We do not have to be the Hero, We can just be a Presence of Love and Compassion as pure Witnesses towards others during their Healing path without judgment of how far along they are. We do not have to make someone Wrong in order to be of Help and Service to them.' 

When playing the role of the Hero towards others, we are under the presumption that we are the proprietors of their own ability to heal within themselves. We can shift our perspective towards seeing the best in others not judging the negatives and focusing on their own ability to find health and happiness within themselves through our own Compassion and Understanding towards each other. Using Empathy and Inter-relating with others not only at work but even in our most hectic of moments in life, doing the most basic primal things can we truly express what a real Spiritual Warrior is meant to be. Out in the real world serving as patient, kind, loving and honest Individuals towards each other is the most Spiritual Awakening I can attest to in this life time. 

Thank you for your love and kindness. Please stay strong on your journey and don't let others judgments of yourselves bring you down, or others fears and control mechanisms get in your way of your path towards true Compassion and Service of each other, from human to human. The more you see love in others rather than judgment, the more you can Empower Yourselves....~ Namaste~ ....