Peace, Love and Happiness

On the ever lasting search for 'Peace, Love and Happiness' we endure the most challenging of experiences in pain and suffering..... that is where you find the true meaning of this concept. Life in dying, and living to die, facing the reality of suffering and finding peace within. Problem solving and learning to fearlessly 'Love' within the challenges. There comes the experience of 'Peace'. There lies the most challenging journey in life.... The ever lasting and restless search for 'Peace, Love and Happiness. Where in the end we mostly only experience mere glimpses of these concepts for small moments and fragments in time.

Which makes such an immense impact on our lives, that leads us down the rabbit hole in search for next moment to experience such bliss. The secret is to turn ones focus more towards examining the pain and suffering, the problem solving, the challenges and how to associate oneself within those darkest times where we seem to loose recognition of who we truly are.

There, inside that journey we aren't masked with the illusion of a life that is lived within this idea of 'Peace, love and Happiness' where we experience nothing but pain and suffering in actuality and only moments of bliss..... Yet, we face the reality that we live in a life where we ultimately die and experience difficulties and challenges constantly, where we don't loose ourselves and hold steadfast to our truth within ourselves. Our true nature, not lost in strife, but brought out to the light within the darkness, only can this happen then.

Our true eternal selves as the embodiment of 'Peace, love and Happiness'. Not just as a moment of an experience within the madness, but shifting our awareness beyond the illusion of the madness and towards the soil that lies beneath our earth, our own foundation, our inner selves always existing beneath the many faces of life's experiences.