In 'Nothing'ness there is Everything and in Everything there is space for Emptiness

In Nothing'ness you can find Everything and in Everything there is a space for Emptiness. Emptiness and Nothingness can be two totally different things. Perspectives are the most trancendental and ultimate reality that we can attain in this life and use to Shift and Transform ourselves and our lives. The closest we can get to our percieved/so called Truth is only through our 'Perspective'. When you hear the tern 'Nothing', we automatically think there is a lack or void of something missing. Although the word 'Empty' can have a totally different conotation. When we say 'Empty' sometimes that promotes thoughts of 'Space', 'Openess', possibly even 'Cleanliness', or even 'Peace' from within.... Lets think about that for a moment..........

When you hold open space within yourself for 'Something' or even for 'Nothing', you are allowing there to be what simply 'Is' in that moment bringing your awareness back to inner yourself. Through this practise of allowing the 'Nothingness' to seep in without fear, you are also acknowledging and holding the space for 'Everything' and allowing 'All' possibilities to exist in that moment. And in that same moment, you are also 'Opening' up to the 'Emptiness' which exists constantly in and all around us if we are silent, still or even open enough to Recieving and Listening to this message from the Universe. Try this, in all that you do. Allow there to be a void of emotoin, thought, judgment on every perspective that you hold. Give it a minute to wait and see what may come in during this space that you hold within yourself in connecting to the 'Emptiness'. In this space is a powerful shift and secret that you meet your Connectedness with all that is, all that has been and all that will come to be in All Existance. You meet yourself in this Open space which holds timeless Love and ultimate Peace and Tranquility. You have the power to find this anywhere at any given time. In this experience you also have the ability to harness the Power of life force energy of All that Exists in All Time which is one and connected with your True Self.

In humbling yourself and bringing it down to 'Nothingness' as you Inhale and as you Exhale, you feel your connection to All that Is. Breathing it in again once more, you are the same and your space is limitless as your existance holds vast expansion into all that Is and will ever Be. You are Timeless. Breathe into these Ideas any time you feel overcome or overwhelmed with life and remember to choose to be You no matter what your external circumstances are. Also remember, to default to your 'Nothingness' perception to allow the Illusion of your current reality in your mind to fade away and melt into the 'Emptiness' as it cleanses your soul and allows you to come back to your connection to it All as you loose attachment to any judgments and current perceptions of the self at any time. It may feel scary but it is extreemely Empowering. Allow your Breath to bring you back to yourself again, while your comeing back out of the 'Openess', the 'Nothingness, and the 'Emptiness' as you have the sudden realization that you feel Overwhelmingly Abundant and full of all there is. Use this to Replenish and Rejuvinate your soul. You can do this anytime you feel a conflict or misunderstood as well as when you'd like to expand your mind to understanding more. Through the power of the perception of your mind and your breathing into 'Stilliness' without any expectations, you can truly do Anything........................   You are Everything.

Compassionate Healing


As Healers, Energy Workers, Therapists of all types.... we must always remember to remain Humble in Service of others. Spirituality is not about how many special Gifts and Powers you have or how popular you are but how much Compassion and Empathy you can share with others with True Intentions of Pure Service. 

So often do I see Spirituality becoming another means of an Egotistical clutch. People often Judge each other as Healers and their Spiritual Identities. One often thinks themselves to be more "real" or "higher" than the other. Ascension is becoming the new "high" and Escaping reality while all this Esoteric Spirituality has become the new level of Ego in its Ascension process from material focus towards more "spiritual" concepts. On the one hand its great how pervasive the idea of "Mindfulness" or being a "Healer" has become. Although at the same time you have so many people who call themselves these things or take pride in their mystical gifts whom on a day to day basis do not practice real Compassion and true Kindness. 

I see individuals getting frustrated in lines, impatient on the road, judgmental towards their fellow coworkers, competitive, even rude and unkind in the way they speak to other individuals who are out there claiming to be Therapists, Counselors Healers and Psychics. I believe it is more important to practice real Love and Compassion on a day to day basis with a random stranger than it is to make 160$ an hour as a proclaimed professional in the service industry trying to "Help" others. We must remember: 'We do not have to make someone Bellow us, or Weaker than us to Empower Ourselves. We do not have to be the Hero, We can just be a Presence of Love and Compassion as pure Witnesses towards others during their Healing path without judgment of how far along they are. We do not have to make someone Wrong in order to be of Help and Service to them.' 

When playing the role of the Hero towards others, we are under the presumption that we are the proprietors of their own ability to heal within themselves. We can shift our perspective towards seeing the best in others not judging the negatives and focusing on their own ability to find health and happiness within themselves through our own Compassion and Understanding towards each other. Using Empathy and Inter-relating with others not only at work but even in our most hectic of moments in life, doing the most basic primal things can we truly express what a real Spiritual Warrior is meant to be. Out in the real world serving as patient, kind, loving and honest Individuals towards each other is the most Spiritual Awakening I can attest to in this life time. 

Thank you for your love and kindness. Please stay strong on your journey and don't let others judgments of yourselves bring you down, or others fears and control mechanisms get in your way of your path towards true Compassion and Service of each other, from human to human. The more you see love in others rather than judgment, the more you can Empower Yourselves....~ Namaste~ ....


"Love Yourself, Love the Earth, and Everything in Between"

There still lies a Heart Beat in the Earth that is stronger than its Ailments. I still have faith in Her and trust in Her strength beyond anything and everything that the Earth is facing now. There is a much bigger picture here. We must have faith and trust in our safety and where She is guiding us. We are Her children here on Mother Earth and are never forgotten. You can tap into Her any time, She will always be there for you, just listen to Her calling and respond with Trust. It is not so much that She needs us to heal Her, more so to remember that She is what Heals us. 

To listen to Her is not so much what we think with our minds that is "listening". It is not even so different than the simplicity of our breath. The Essence and the Wisdom of the Earth lies deep within all our DNA and core of our make up. We are one and the same, and the Collective Consciousness that we hold is very Aware and Awake within the spirit of Mother Earth. She hears us all and is always Listening, Responding and Guiding us. Allow Her to lead your path, to show you who you are and who you were meant to be. Feel Her when She breathes and blows Her winds, feel Her when She cries and drops rain upon you, taste Her and breathe Her in with full Trust and knowing that you are One and connected. When you look up at the sky and down bellow to the ground; She is looking right back at you, Holding you, Supporting you and especially....... Always Loving You. Love yourself, Love the Earth, and Everything in Between.    

Happy Valentines 

A series of Quotes on The Power Of the Breath

"Our Breathing to the Universe is like the Heart Beat to the Body. As the Heart pumps blood into the body every time it beats; Our breathing pumps out our collective life force into Universe every time we breathe" 

"The Universe can not exist without our Collective Life Force Energy, just as the body can not thrive without the function of the heart beating and the blood." 

"Every single one of our existence's is like the Heart Beat of the Universe. Think about the importance of your life force.... and the infinite power that you hold towards The Collective"

"Imagine that the Breath is your magic wand to send your energy where ever your desires lead it, consciously use your breath to send it out into the Universe and manifest your true intentions"

~ Eleni Khan~ 

Steak and Enlightenment

The controversial issues of duality are very prevalent in our world today. Every where you turn there is always different opponents being presented and people always being bombarded with either opposing side. Weather it be which restaurant to choose from, which brand of material goods your in search of, what type of food to eat... to deeper issues like which political party or religion. In a world full of duality and polar opposites within our external and internal world how do we confidently proceed on a path towards our own enlightenment. 

Within ourselves we are always experiencing our own duality as well. How often do you feel doubt or fear or even like your life is meaningless at times ? How often do you feel judgment or conflict with others, and with yourself especially ?? This is duality. Human nature is most comfortable in a conflicting state of living. In reality we don't actually live "in Peace" because no matter how much we believe in these concepts, the world we live in is not at all conducive towards our efforts. 

There are people who look at Factory Farming for example and see the animal cruelty that our society is literally surviving off of. This is where "Steak" comes in. How can you still find peace in your life as an individual and as a whole while we have these large corporations in the food industry ruling and governing our most important matter in life; Our Well Being. At the same time you have large corporations and institutions that govern our school systems, our financial industries, religions, you name it. I ask, where do we (the people) fit in to all of this. We just take what we are offered. We just accept the standards that "they" the driving forces are out there setting up. No matter all our efforts in history and currently to be and do the best we can, somehow we still manage to live in a society as it is today. 

I would like to be a reminder that, you are Free to Choose and you are Free to Remember what is True to You. One can enlighten oneself even among the most toxic environments, like our Eco System for example. While we live in a world full of famine and disease, it is possible to restore oneself back to sanity, back to humanity and Well Being, to what humanity would naturally be.  It is not a matter of choosing which side to be on, that is what they make you think with all these distracting oppositions that are out there and in our own selves. So stop trying to take a stance on whichever side and thinking you have to choose one or the other. Instead choose to start Being, and start allowing yourself to Integrate and Inter relate. 

We can accept the differences around us, we can choose to accept them and see the oneness in it all. Its not that hard to do even through all the controversies out there. The more you focus on the differences and where you stand within them, the more you give rise to the Duality. The practice I ask of you today is to simply Accept. Accept and be at peace with it all, what you can control and what you can't. In the end all that matters is your breath, the fact that your still alive and your own personal Well Being. Your mind has infinite power and can over come matter at any given moment. Your breath is the living miracle of your life force. You can easily heal and restore yourself back to nature and oneness by letting go of all the polarities within yourself and around you, by embracing the darkness and light. Weather you eat Steak or are a Vegetarian, weather your a Yogi or a Christian, a Scientist or a Spiritualist. In actuality we are all doing the same thing weather you direct your energy towards one direction or the other. We can do away with all this illusion and just "Be" together, Breathe together, sit in Presence together as we all co habitat this planet at the same time.

Inter-Being, Inter-Relating does away with all conflict. It allows you to look at the differences of the world in all its forms as different friends of yours whom hold different opinions who you still love and learn from. When you practice this within your own self you learn to love and accept yourself with all of your own differences and inner challenges. We mirror what is going on within us on the outside world around us. Become One with all the challenges in your life. Allow your mind and your breathe to become in union with each other regardless of how you "think" you are feeling right now. Regardless of what your circumstances are right now. Regardless of anything and everything. Your life force, your breathe can heal anything, just breathe into differences and integrate them within your being and send it all to your higher power whatever that means to you. 

If we all just for today practiced this we could all just Be simply healthy, simply happy, simply living. IF you want to eat meat, I don't mind, IF you want to have a drink, I don't mind, If you are gay or lesbian, I don't mind, If you want to have 5 kids, I don't mind, If you want to eat organic, I don't mind, If you want to be a vegetarian I don't mind, If you want to gamble I don't mind........ ect. Really, I don't mind. As soon as we stop minding, and start compassionately accepting, we can finally do away with our own duality in our own selves. You only have yourself to gain by accepting others no matter what their conditions are. You can still achieve enlightenment beyond all of these circumstances you believe to be true right now. That is actually why all this conflict is there in the first place. It is there for us to actively "forgive" it, "heal" it, and "release" it. Try not to concentrate on the worst case scenario when doing this, try not to think what if someone murders someone and so on. That is letting your fears run away with you. Just think in more on a real day to day basis to practice this. Just breathe through your all your fears, and all the matters that consume you with conflict and watch as they disappear. As you breathe you are sending your life force out into the world and are simultaneously healing the toxins within you and around you.   

Watch as your life force becomes stronger than anything which is posing a threat to you or against you and your environment. Watch the miracle of your inner strength become manifested inside you and the world around you. Watch as your world changes and the world of others as we all practice this Together, Today........... Remember, You only have yourself to gain. You can be yourself, exactly as you are today, and feel free doing so, with out any judgments and just acceptance. Lets all allow this space for each other to grow and become who we were truly meant to be no matter Where We are Coming From. I leave you with this for now.....

May Peace be with You..... May you be Peace......  

Peace, Love and Happiness

On the ever lasting search for 'Peace, Love and Happiness' we endure the most challenging of experiences in pain and suffering..... that is where you find the true meaning of this concept. Life in dying, and living to die, facing the reality of suffering and finding peace within. Problem solving and learning to fearlessly 'Love' within the challenges. There comes the experience of 'Peace'. There lies the most challenging journey in life.... The ever lasting and restless search for 'Peace, Love and Happiness. Where in the end we mostly only experience mere glimpses of these concepts for small moments and fragments in time.

Which makes such an immense impact on our lives, that leads us down the rabbit hole in search for next moment to experience such bliss. The secret is to turn ones focus more towards examining the pain and suffering, the problem solving, the challenges and how to associate oneself within those darkest times where we seem to loose recognition of who we truly are.

There, inside that journey we aren't masked with the illusion of a life that is lived within this idea of 'Peace, love and Happiness' where we experience nothing but pain and suffering in actuality and only moments of bliss..... Yet, we face the reality that we live in a life where we ultimately die and experience difficulties and challenges constantly, where we don't loose ourselves and hold steadfast to our truth within ourselves. Our true nature, not lost in strife, but brought out to the light within the darkness, only can this happen then.

Our true eternal selves as the embodiment of 'Peace, love and Happiness'. Not just as a moment of an experience within the madness, but shifting our awareness beyond the illusion of the madness and towards the soil that lies beneath our earth, our own foundation, our inner selves always existing beneath the many faces of life's experiences.  


Happiness is not just defined as when an individual has found personal happiness, it is when you find joy in the happiness of others that you are blessed with happiness within yourself. With out the one there is not the other. IF you really want to be happy... Find a way to help others be happy.... This is the cure  IF you wander why your not happy, look around, are you alone and sulking or are you too busy helping others be happy? The latter is the antidote, it will give you strength always ~ blessings